Whos dating jennette mccurdy

And in fact, after Kress and Moore announced their wedding, both of their instagrams were flooded with comments more about Kress' fictional relationships, than his real one.

"Honestly, the only things that kind of bother me are more the people who will go on London’s stuff and say, 'I hate you, you’re horrible because Freddie's supposed to be with Sam,'" Kress added.

Jennette is a producer, writer and actor of her online series “What’s Next for Sarah? She has bagged numerous award nominations including Young Artist Award, Teen Choice Awards and Australian Kids Choice Awards.

Jennette has won two Australian Kids Choice award, two Kids Choice Awards and a J-14 Teen Icon Award for her exceptional acting.

Jennette Michelle Faye Mc Curdy was born on 26 June 1992 in Long Beach, California and raised in Garden Grove with her three older brothers named Marcus, Scott and Dustin.

Rowley, 37, played the doorman Lewbert from 2007 to 2012.

Online reported the two started dating in September of last year after "meeting" through Twitter.

Drummond got her attention after her fans told her to follow him on the social networking site to see his tweets about her after naming her as his crush.

And there is a fine line between being jokingly upset about TV show characters' relationships, and actually projecting anger onto someone deemed "responsible." On the show, Freddie pined after Carly since the pilot, and their entire "more than BFFs" relationship culminated with Carly spontaneously kissing Freddie during one of the last scenes of the finale.

Sam and Freddie, however, was something else entirely -- and something that Kress noted might make fans rethink shipping him and his co-star IRL.


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