Prison dating stories

There is a serious and necessary need to have a venue where prisoner’s voices can be heard.

To deny society the opportunity to hear another side, to what goes on behind prison walls and prison gates, leaves a moot point, to the discussion, on how incarcerated citizens are treated in this nation.

It's difficult enough for me to imagine being in jail: most of my images stem from old gangster movies in which the wardens are cruel to everyone, the tough guys are mean to the more innocent inmates, and everything is grey.

With the onset of the television program "Oz" (which I've never viewed), there's a newer consciousness of the jail experience: extreme violence and sex between men, often forced, as a reality of incarceration.

It doesn’t just showcase the bad and what’s not working, but the good too, and what is working.

Or perhaps you think of the horrific rape scenes in Scum or The Shawshank Redemption.

Unless you are a fan of Orange is the New Black or the updated version of Prisoner Cell Block H – Wentworth then female inmates may not immediately spring to mind.

I know in my heart that he loves me too he makes me feel like...

for over a year now and being with someone incarcerated is hard and not everyone can deal with it wishing you ladies/men out there who are dating someone incarcerated the best of luck and keep your head up I know sometimes it gets hard and if you ever need to talk about anything...


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