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"I've come to this conclusion: If I ask you out, or if you ask me out, and it's just the two of us, and we're doing something at a set time (like grabbing dinner or brunch or heading to a movie or a museum), then it's a date.I dread those in-betweener's (like 'drinks' and 'coffee') because they're not really dates to me."Josh, 28, agrees. Not all guys see dates the same way, which makes it more and more confusing to both parties involved.As dinner winds down there’s an awkward moment where you both him and haw if you want to go somewhere else, where to go, is it getting too late… Instead of having to sit there bored to tears for an hour, just finish your drink then gtfo. Sitting at a bar, next to each other, drinking beer feels casual and comfortable.an easy solution is to have informal drinks first then the night can end at any time. Eating dinner also means sitting at a formal table with a lot of space between the both of you. You are close enough to touch if you want to but don’t have to.If things are going great after 2-3 drinks, then you can leave the bar and go out for food. Most dates start out with the “getting-to-know-you” interrogation, “where are you from? There are no rules for when you have to end the night. I do recommend sitting near each other at a table (not across from each other) or next to each other at the actual bar.This way you are feeling more comfortable and there won’t be the “getting to know you” interrogation at the table. Not only is this more intimate but it can help diffuse any awkwardness someone is feeling.

You can turn your direction to the bar or to the other patrons, which may inspire conversation. Note: I don’t mean sitting on someone’s lap the second you meet them. I literally mean sitting near someone without a large object in between.

If someone asks you for coffee then it's certainly going to be a daytime date, and what do daytime dates mean?

The person asking is most probably not single and can only really spare you a half hour sat at the back of a generic coffee emporium, where the barista spells your name wrong and the CEO is busy not paying company taxes.

Now I don't know if this applies if you've met online, in a supermarket, in a bar or even in a sex club, although I would think that if you had met someone in a sex club, then it's a little too late to be exchanging niceties and polite conversation over a Frappuccino and a chocolate brownie.

I'd find it hard to be coy and flirtatious with someone who's already familiar with my ins and outs (or outs and ins, depending on whatever makes you happy).


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