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During the events of the first season, she aids her husband in dealing with Eleanor Waldorf's accounts.She once promised to Eleanor Waldorf to give Blair her Cornelius Vanderbilt engagement ring should Nate and Blair ever be engaged but when Blair witnesses Nate's troubles with his father she ends the relationship.Patients and visitors will need to take a ticket to enter the Rehill Avenue garage.Parking is free of charge for everyone thanks to the generosity of Steve Kalafer and Byron Brisby, owners of Flemington Car and Truck Country Family of Dealerships.Just like last season, Lindsay appeared to be one of the event's main attractions — but when she wasn't with Sam in the DJ booth, she made time to mingle with other Ronsons like Mark, Anne, and Annabelle.She missed all of last night's kickoff festivities, starting with the Victoria's Secret "What Is Sexy Party? Rachel Zoe was also out on the scene, heading from the Vogue/BMW party to the amf AR Gala with Anna Wintour and Taylor Momsen.

If several possible dates are given, I will list the case under the earliest one.

The series is narrated by a seemingly omniscient character, "Gossip Girl" (voiced by Kristen Bell).

Recurring characters who are family to one or more main character. Portrayed by Francie Swift in seasons one, two and four, Anne Archibald (née van der Bilt) is the mother of Nate Archibald.

Flemington Car and Truck Country will make a 0 donation to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset for every customer who brings a ticket from the parking deck to one of its dealerships and purchases a vehicle.

General Directions: Travel north on Route 206 through Hillsborough.


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