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And believe it or not, I had a guy send me virtually this same question in hopes that I would discuss it at a speaking engagement I have tonight. is not that you (or women or men in general) are doing something inherently “wrong” that results in the guy (or girl) stopping their frequent texting with you. Truth is, this guy probably was really into you when he was texting constantly and probably still is.

But again, the problem is that it’s not a realistic, sustainable habit to be constantly texting little messages all day.

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The truth is that when we send someone a text, we don’t know what they’re up to.There is usually a small door fee and most are invitation-only.In addition to sexual orientation, these smaller groups often stratify on specific criteria, e.g., heavy men with beards or those who are HIV-positive.We will be holding mass speed dating at 8.15pm so it is best to arrive at 7 - 7.30pm for introductions at the bar beforehand.We form a big circle for the mass speed dating, with ladies standing on the outside and men on the inside.Contact Singles started as a singles social club in London in 1994 and has grown over the years.


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