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(See last week’s event with USV’s Fred Wilson.) So if you were expecting something objective here, you’re out of luck — never mind that we’re in the trenches together, she’s also the one who organizes all our events, which inevitably include both food drinks.

But more to the point, I see her in action, which is how I realized that she was not only an insane multi-marathoner who knew how to deploy an army of influencers and snap her fingers to get cases of free product delivered, but a creative mind who understood how to enhance experience through interactivity, with high standards and no compromise.

source the first one might be available in a couple years but they might show up for delivery in the next decade source Well, there was a treadmill on The Jetsons for that and there’s now a treadmill in real life for your pup.

This is one of our favorite cartoons and i’m sure that you also love this movie. I wish i have at least half of their gadgets but wait a minute do we have it right now?

So there are a few photos below that are the prove that the Jetsons has actually predicted the future. With Face Time and Skype, to name a few of the more recent video chat platforms (not to mention the slightly pervy and NSFW ones like Chatroulette and Omeagle), the video chat feature shown in The Jetsons has totally come true.

is communication going to be more live chat or ephemeral vid messages like snapchat?

With much buzz towards the i Phone 4 Facetime feature being used for naughty video chatting, the company has definite concerns about its squeaky-clean image.


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